Mark A Hunter

Mark A Hunter was born in Darwin Northern Territory in 1955 and has lived in what is commonly known as “The Top End” for most of his life.

Mark comes from a mixed racial background; his father being of English, German and Scottish descent and his mother was English, Philippine and Australian Aboriginal. Mark’s songs are a reflection of his upbringing and life experience in “The Top End.”

His debut release, Songs from the Buffalo Country, is an album about fishing, the bush life in old Darwin and "The Top End” of Australia. It’s a character portrait of the psyche of North Australia from the 1960’s to now, and Mark A Hunter’s take on it all. Mark A Hunter is an infamous “backyard BBQ” singer who grew up entertaining different families and gatherings around darwin, and throughout backyards and fishing camps across the Top End.

Songs From The Buffalo Country is humorous, it’s catchy, it’s funky country. It’s backyard storytelling at its best.

The popular culture that derived from the multiracial history of the region is expressed in the lyrics and themes of his songs, while the music has a warmth and laid back style of an earlier Darwin. The lyrics will make you smile and the melodies will dance in your mind as you are transported to that place once known as “The Buffalo Country”.