B2m (Bathurst to Melville)

‘We are giving the kids a voice through music.’ - jeffrey 'yello' simon

B2M formed in late December 2004 in their hometown of Nguiu (Bathurst Island). The band is made up of six Indigenous men who sing about issues facing all young people such as drugs, alcohol and suicide. 

Their music is an R‘n’B Pop with a traditional Tiwi twist. The lyrics in their songs come from their life experiences growing up in an Aboriginal community and seeing first-hand the effects of drugs and alcohol on their own people. 

Educating the kids of the future through their music and encouraging people to make a change in their lives is what keeps this band going. In the words of lead vocalist Jeffrey ‘Yello’ Simon: ‘We are giving the kids a voice through music.’ 

Band members past and present: 

Gregory Orsto, Daniel Cunningham, Jimmy Kris, Jeffrey 'Yello' Simon, Darren Narul, Fabian Kantilla, Shelton Murray, Donald Puatjimi, Brendon Kerinaiua 

B2M are a collective and we here at Skinnyfish Music are proud of supporting that cultural and creative group of musicians.